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ExCalibur Development Company LLC has several projects that we are actively involved in the creation and  implementation of. From time to time you will be able to look at this page and see the status of projects and also have a link that will lead to another page that will give a little more detail and information if it is possible to release. Half of the projects that we work on require intellectual property assignments.

There may be times when you inquire about a particular project and we will not be at liberty to disclose any information.

Projects that are still in the review stage will not be listed on this page.

Below Is a List of Projects Active & Pending          



Project  Title

Project  Status

Link If Applicable

BUSIMATRIX Complete Active Link
SPLASHCO Active Link
Online Business Real Talk Active Link
D Green Books Active Link
C Books To Go Active Link
BusiMatrix Starter Active Link
360 Alarm Pending
PBid America Pending
Auto Car Wash Pending


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